Can You Even Kill in Self Defence?

The right to self-defence is Protected under sections 96-106 of the IPC. However, what is of paramount importance is that the force used in self-defence should be Proportional to the intensity of the attack.

You Can Not Murder Someone In Self-defence

Unless the person has Attempted to murder or rape you or is attempting to murder or rape you (Amongst other reasons in Sec 100 of IPC). If a person is stealing or trespassing into your property & you murder them, it will count as murder & not as self-defence.

You Cannot Murder An Unarmed Person In Self-defence

If you can be proved as being aggressive during a self-defence situation, then it’ll be a murder, because you cannot shift from defence to attack without the intention of doing harm and not saving yourself.

2 Principles Of Private Defence

  • Everyone has the right to defend his own body and property & another body and property.
  • Right of Private Defence is not applicable in those cases where the accused himself is an aggressive party.

Section 96-106 of IPC

IPC Section 96

Things are done in private defence

IPC Section 97

Private defence of the body and of property

IPC Section 98

Private defence against the act of a person of unsound mind, etc.

IPC Section 99

Acts against which there is no right of private defence.

IPC Section 100

When Private Defence of the body extends to causing death

IPC Section 101

When such right extends to causing any harm other than death

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