How to Make Millions When Starting an Unpleasant “Tumbleweed” Business

How to Make Millions When Starting an Unpleasant “Tumbleweed” Business

What type of business do you want to create or what type of business do you have?

Most people would say that they want to create the next Uber, Google, YouTube, Airbnb, or whatever it may be. But you know what? Those businesses are a diamond in the rough. They are like a diamond in the world, they are very rare. 

Most people will never create one of those businesses. You hear about these success stories, but you don’t hear about all the failures that it took him long to get there. 

Hello everyone, I am Alrich. Today I’m going to teach you about Tumbleweed marketing, the unpleasant is sexy. There is a boy, his name is Mike Rigby. He decided to sell tumbleweeds. He is from Utah and says, “All these movie companies want tumbleweed plants. Let me go grab them because they’re in my yard for free and sell them. ” He is very successful. He started making tens and thousands of dollars selling tumbleweeds. 

At one point, a movie, they make mistakes on their tumbleweed, they needed more, they blew it up with tumbleweeds on an airplane so they can have them for their movies. Mike is doing by selling something that is unpleasant and something that is free. These movie companies are paying thousands of dollars for something you can only go and grab and get free.

With your business, whatever you are trying to do, whatever you are trying to create or market, it doesn’t have to be sexy. If it’s not competitive and nobody wants to do it, you know what, there’s probably Probably money there. Some of the biggest companies in this world are not sexy. Look at the Koch brothers. Have you heard from them? Chances are, you haven’t. They are billionaires. Why? They have created a great business doing something really unpleasant. 

The needs in this world, toilet paper, tissue paper, shampoo, etc., some of These things are not successful businesses, but people need them. That is why companies like Procter & Gamble are really great. They have realized that these ugly businesses that nobody wants to enter, like creating toothpaste, you have a lot of money.

When you’re marketing, don’t just look for the big niches, look for the ones that They are not competitive. The way to do it is to do a Google search of any industry you want to get and see how many people compete. Google will show you one of the ten X number results. If there are hundreds of millions of people within those keywords, that means it is competitive. Look for industries that are not as competitive.

At the same time, you want to go to and type those keywords and phrases to make sure people really look for them. If Google Trends doesn’t show a chart or anything, that means the terms aren’t popular enough and nobody looks for them.

Essentially, you want to pick something that has less than 50 million results when you’re doing a google search and you want to make sure that when you go to google trends and type inside, there is a table. If there is no graph, no one is writing it. If you’re lucky like Mike, you’re probably chasing a space that is less than 10 million results

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