The 3 Keys To Being Extremely Productive

What are the keys to extreme productivity? Well, first of all, let’s define productivity, first. I believe the definition of productivity is simple. It’s five words. Maximum results in minimum time, that’s it. Results, minimum time. So, today I’m gonna give you three keys to help you stay focused.

When usually people are distracted, and they say “Well, I can’t stay focused.” What they really mean is they are getting a lot of stuff done, but they are not so sure if they are actually doing things that actually produce any result. It does not make a difference. So the key number one to extreme productivity is

1. You Need To Be Absolutely Ruthless When It Comes To The Outcome

What is it you are trying to do? What is it you’re trying to create? What’s the outcome that you want? Instead of just getting busy, busy, busy, busy, because I believe busyness is also a form of laziness. Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you’re productive, Just because you fill up your calendar with all kinds of stuff to do, it doesn’t mean you’re producing any results, right? Just because you’re splashing in the water, it doesn’t mean you’re swimming, right? So that’s what you wanna do. Be absolutely ruthless.

Don’t just ask “Okay, what do I need to do? “What do I need to do?” How can I do this better? Why am I even doing this at all? Is this important? Can I eliminate this? If I don’t do this, would it even make a difference? Would people notice? How would this contribute to my life or to my bottom lines of business? When you are very clear, and you are ruthless about the outcome, now guess what, you’re more productive. And what you’ll notice is, doesn’t matter what is it that you wanna do, whatever result you wanna create, the 80 to 20 rule always applies. Only 20% of what you do contributes to 80% of results. So you constantly wanna be thinking about, okay, am I doing the important 20%? Or am I just wasting time with the 80% that actually doesn’t matter that much.

2. You Want To Eliminate Distraction And Interruptions In Your Life

time? I think even entrepreneurs, CEOs, they have this open-door policy, where, “Hey, you know what, my door is open. “Come talk to me anytime.” I think it was one of the dumbest ideas, because it means you get interrupted many, many times, every single day. And every time you get interrupted, it takes you certain mental bandwidth to stay and get back on track.

So when I am working, I unplug the phone. I create an environment that people cannot reach me. If I wanna check messages or I wanna check email, or to get back to my team, that’s fine.

But if I am, what I call the Batcave moment, I unplug all communication. My cellphone, none, zero. There’s all my thinking time, my planning time, my strategy time, that’s it. So when they cannot find you, they cannot interrupt you. When they cannot find you, they cannot distract you.

So, communicate with your team, and tip it around, and say “Hey, I’m working on my business. “I’m building something here. “I’m working on some very, very important task. “I need to get those done. “Please, give me space. “During that time, don’t bother me.” So, put yourself in an environment that you cannot be distracted.

3. Make Sure You Give Yourself A Finish Time

So whenever you’re working on a task, instead of saying, “Hey, you know what? “Today I’m gonna work on this particular task “and I won’t stop until I finish it.” It is okay, but I found that that’s not a very good idea if you wanna maximize your productivity. It’s maximum result in minimum time. I find that you can train yourself to work faster and get stuff done faster.

So let’s say I’m going to write an article for a website, but instead of me sitting down and just spending hours and hours and hours on it, I would say, okay, I’m gonna write this article, I’m gonna block out an hour, I’m gonna write this article, I’m gonna finish it in an hour.

You are training your brain to finish things in a certain time, certain frame of time, versus to let it go on and on and on, and drag on, and then guess what, you don’t finish, and then you kind of, you procrastinate, “Okay fine I will finish tomorrow.” That procrastination kicks in, and then you drag on another day, another day, another day, versus “You know what, today I’m gonna get this done.” So give it a time frame. Give it a deadline and you could see, you could actually get way more done in a day, than what most people think. So there you go, that’s how you stay focused.

Have that clarity, be absolutely ruthless, when it comes to the outcome that you want, right.

Eliminate interruptions, don’t let people interrupt you. Unplug the phone. Turn on the computer. Turn off the computer. Just work. Whatever it takes, just do that. Number three, yes, give yourself a time frame when you work and finish, and you try to push. This usually takes you an hour. Next time, can you do it in 55 minutes? 50 minutes. 45 minutes. You can work a lot faster than you think.

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